SaniDate 12.0

SaniDate 12.0

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SaniDate 12.0 is a high-powered microbiocide that kills a wide variety of harmful fungi, bacteria, algae, and micro organisms. SaniDate 12.0 is both EPA and OMRI approved, produces no off-gas, and leaves no harmful residue. SaniDate 12.0 provides a superior antimicrobial alternative to chlorine products because it retains its efficacy over a much wider range of pH and water conditions, can be safely applied throughout all stages of plant development, and is environmentally friendly. SaniDate 12.0 effectively cleanses and sanitizes water systems such as irrigation systems, recycled water systems, cooling systems, and water used to process fresh fruits and vegetables.

SaniDate 12.0 is a powerful antimicrobial microbiocide that provides three key advantages over comparable chlorine-based products.  First, SaniDate 12.0 is environmentally friendly, producing no toxic resides or off-gas.  Second, SaniDate 12.0 can be safely applied during all stages of plant growth.  Third, SaniDate 12.0 is effective in a broad range of pH environments and water conditions.

SaniDate 12.0 is commonly used to sanitize a wide variety of water systems including irrigation systems, cooling and evaporation systems, recycled water systems, non-potable water systems, cooling tower water systems, heat exchange water systems, and water used to process fresh fruits and vegetables.  It can also be applied as an effective decontaminant to greenhouses, greenhouse equipment, greenhouse benches, dispersed colors, agricultural premises, coatings, paper/paperboard, and pulp and paper mill systems.

Other benefits of SaniDate 12.0 include:

  • Liquifies organic build-up and deposits in drip irrigation lines
  • Kills many fungi, bacteria, algae, and micro organisms
  • OMRI approved for organic crops
  • EPA approved (EPA# 70299-8)


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