Fiesta Turf Weed Killer
FIESTA Selective Weed Killer

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

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note: FIESTA is not currently available in the following states - Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota. Volume shipments (5+ gallons) to California are now available - contact us for more information.

FIESTA is a new Iron-based selective bio-herbicide with low toxicity that controls weeds, moss & algae on commercial and residential lawns, golf courses, parks, rights of way, schools and playgrounds.

  • Kill weeds, not lawns
  • Works FAST! - even in cool weather
  • People and pets can re-enter area after spray dries
  • Great alternative to synthetic chemicals

FIESTA is a selective broadleaf bio-herbicide that works quickly, even in cool weather and is rainfast in 3 hours.

This effective weed killer's mode of action is to cause iron toxicity (oxidative damage) at the cellular level. Fiesta is quickly absorbed by the leaf tissue and transported down to the root. Toxicity of the contacted leaf tissue cells also occurs turning the leaves black or brown.

Broadleaf weeds (dicots) absorb more iron than grasses (monocots) which provides the mechanism of selectivity. For this reason, adequate coverage is important.

FIESTA controls and suppresses weeds such as:

  • Dandelion
  • English daisy
  • false dandelion
  • white clover
  • slender speedwell
  • black medic
  • bull thistle
  • Canada thistle
  • common chickweed
  • creeping buttercup
  • broad-leaved plantain
  • narrow-leaved plantain
  • Dovefoot geranium
  • Lawn burweed
  • moss, liverworts, algae and lichens

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